Preparing for the IELTs speaking exam
  Are you looking for work in a foreign company? If you are then the chances are that you need to do the IELTs. The IELTs exam assesses your English level and helps schools or companies decide whether someone would have the ability to successful carry out their role at the school or company.Make sure you can show you understand others points of view and don’t just use the vocabulary and grammar the examiner has given you in their question.
  David Gilmour
  你在尋找外企的工作嗎?如果是的話,那麼你就需要考雅思。雅思考試評估你的英語水平並且幫助學校或者企業決定一個人是否有能力勝任他們所在學校或者公司里的角色。而要取得高分,要確信你能展示出對不同觀點的理解,而不僅僅是使用考官們在考題中給到的詞彙和語法來解答問題。  (原標題:百萬市民學英語)
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